Terms & Conditions

Spares not included in price.
Price is per 1 computer
If your computer is faulty and we cannot repair it onsite, we can take it and bring it back repaired.
If your PC or laptop is faulty and we cannot repair it onsite (or in any other unexpected circumstances), but you do not want to use our collect&repair service, you will be charged £30.
You need to give us all software you have purchased to install it to your computer after system crash or windows reinstallation.
You need to back up all data on your computer before engineer’s visit. Alternatively our computer engineer can make personal data backup for an extra charge.
Estimates are fixed and a final price.
All commuication is logged and recorded to and from Wishaw Computer Repairs for training, customer satisfaction and fraud prevention purposes.This includes all phone calls (incoming and outgoing), SMS, Windows Live Messenger chat, Emails, Support ticketing system and out live chat feature. Commication is treated with strictest confidence but telephone calls may be used as proof of verbal accepted quotes.
Any Customer information (such as Name, Address or email address) that Wishaw Computer Repairs hold will not be sold or passed on to any 3rd party companies or anyone that does not work for Wishaw Computer Repairs without prior agreement from the customer. We reserve the right to pass details (including address and details of all types of communications) on to our agents where there is an outstanding balance.
When authorising work the client authorises Wishaw Computer Repairs to store any necessary data and back up such data as required. Any information will be held on a secure computer or data storing device which only Computer Repair’s staff have access to. Wishaw Computer Repairs will only use this backup for restore purposes only. Wishaw Computer Repairs will destroy the back up after one week of receiving payment.
We can keep this data longer if this is required by the client. Please inform Wishaw Computer Repairs should you require this additional service.
If you are required to send your computer into Computer Repair’s workshop for further repair/diagnosis then Wishaw Computer Repairs will hold your computer as security until payment has been received in full. You can track the progress of the insured delivery online using a tracking ID number that Wishaw Computer Repairs will provide. If no-one is available on the PC uplift or drop-off date then you may be required to pay additional charges (which are defined by the courier, not Wishaw Computer Repairs )
Any estimates and/or quotes are valid for 5 days only from estimate/quote date.
We pledge to you when any computer work is undertaken only the necessary faultfinding is undertaken, any data on your computer is strictly confidential and is treated as solely the owners content. Any personal information stored on the owners computer ie customer databases are treated with strictest data protection act and when your computer is within our care, either remote or in our workshop all data is strictly completely confidential.
We strongly recommend when sending your computer to us you enable a password on the operating system and only disclose this password by phone, email or text. We will complete your repair and if for added security we can change your password upon sending back your computer via courier, if requested. The new password will be sent separately from the computer.
Wishaw Computer Repairs will repair your Computer as described and for the charges shown in quote (unless such charges are revised with your oral or written consent).
Wishaw Computer Repairs cannot be responsible for loss or corruption of any data when formatting or working on any Computer or hard drives, it is the client’s responsibility to in writing, inform us of any data to be saved or backed up. Without written backed up data requests Wishaw Computer Repairs assume Computer can be wiped without saving any current data. We may contact you to inform you that a format is required and then we would normally require client to request data saved.
Wishaw Computer Repairs cannot be liable for any loss of earning, loss of any financial or non financial gain or loss of any revenue while any work (including guarantee work) is being carried out.
Goods are subject to availability. If we do not supply the goods we will refund any money already paid. We will not be liable for compensation or damages if we do not supply goods.